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    Why Young Living

    What they are saying about energy is really true.

    Unsurpassed quality. Genuine and tested Purity. Listen to what these people have to say about the way Young Living Essential Oils supported their energy. Young Living is different from any other company. Find out what it can do for you.  

    Seed to Seal

    Excellence in Every Aspect

    From seed selection to sealing the bottles, Young Living guides every step of the process to ensure purity, quality, and excellence.  From care of the soil to the timing of harvest, details of distillation, and care of the plants, these essential oils are truly handled with care.

    Do you know what's in your oils?

    At Young Living we know exactly what is in our oils!

    Michael Buch shares how Young Living ensures the quality and purity of every essential oil. EVERY batch of oil is tested for quality at EACH stage of production and multiple types of tests are used. Young Living uses specialized equipment to analyze the molecular compounds to ensure that the oil you receive is the best.

    Young Living

    Wellness, Abundance, Purpose

    This video discusses some of the benefits of using essential oils as well as the opportunity to share. It is a call to action, vitality, and discovery.

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  • Experience

    Join a remarkable company and a dynamic team! Reach out through the Contact Us form for help getting started. I can assist you in finding the options that serve your needs.

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  • Inspiration

    Salomon's Story

    This is what Young Living does in communities. They build a school and offer (pay for) education. They help with reforestation. They provide jobs and a fair wage. They serve the communities and empower the children. This company is about living from your highest self. Listen to the hope and encouragement in this story. Young Living lives the golden rule with employees, customers, and the land.

    The Life

    Young Living is not just a passion. It's a way of life. It is about having a community of friends, clients, and entrepreneurs who are finding the best in themselves and in life.

    Use the contact us form to reach out with questions about Young Living and getting started. Let me help you discover Young Living today.


    YL Lavender fields

    This is where the lavender is grown in Idaho. Isn't this landscape beautiful? This kind of beauty and excellence is the work of a team of dedicated people who love the land, the oils, and serving you!

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    Get to where you are going

    Appointments for individual consultation are 50.00 for a half hour.

    Following purchase you will be contacted for scheduling.

    Please use the contact form to share your goals.

    Business consulting is also available.

    Contact us for details.

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